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How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean – Easy & Free WordPress Hosting.

Welcome back to yet another intriguing article here at LegitWinners. In today’s case study, I plan to save you a lot of time and money on your journey to starting a WordPress Website or Blog.

WordPress is one of the best content management platforms and therefore offers a very easy way to create and manage your dream website. We shall cover How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean not only for the 2 months Free WordPress Hosting available on DigitalOcean but for more more advantages as listed below;

  • Higher performance.
  • Potentially Free lifetime hosting .
  • Multiple Data Centers available.
  • Speed.

Steps To Host WordPress On DigitalOcean Droplet (Server).

1- Create A Free Account On DigitalOcean.

Obviously, there are other services like Contabo that provide VPS Servers for multiple purposes. However, DigitalOcean offers a free $100 account balance to enable you to create and test your high performing servers completely free for 2 months. 

This is indeed a great offer since you can build and profit from your website without having to pay for Hosting services in your first 2 months. All that is required is a domain name for your website and you still have the chance to get a .com domain for as low as $2.89 with BlueHost or $5.99 with NameCheap. By the way, THELEGITWINNERS.COM was purchased with NameCheap and also served on DigitalOcean.

2- Create A WordPress Droplet (Server) On DigitalOcean.

Another great reason why DigitalOcean is a preference is that there is a pre-configured WordPress droplet which you can install with one click and get started right away.

Follow these steps to deploy your WordPress Droplet (Server) On DigitalOcean;

  1. On the top-right of your dashboard, click on Create and choose Droplet.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Navigate to Marketplace and select the latest version of WordPress.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Choose a plan for your Server. I will recommend a $10 for higher performance however, a $5 machine will be enough depending on the size of your website.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Choose a datacenter region for your Droplet.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Scroll down and create a root password for your Droplet. Make sure the password is a strong one and keep it very safe.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Optionally choose a hostname for your new server.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting
  1. Finally, click on Create Droplet to deploy your server with WordPress installed on it.
How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean - Easy & Free  WordPress Hosting

3- Connect Your Domain Name The New Server.

As you may have witnessed, the new server has a unique IP Address which can be used to access the contents on your server. However, we need to access our website with a domain name such as

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Fortunately for use we already have a domain name for this mapping process. In case you have not purchased your domain name at this point in the tutorial, please do so with either BlueHost, NameCheap or Godaddy then continue to set things up with the steps below. Remember to COPY your IP Address from your DigitalOcean dashboard.

Steps to connect your domain name to a DigitalOcean Droplet (server).

  1. Login to your Domain Registrar account.
  2. Navigate to your Domain Name and select the option to Manage DNS records.
  3. Edit the first A Record and paste your IP Address at the value field.
  4. Save the changes and wait for a couple of minutes for the setup to propagate.

After some minutes, search for your Domain Name on google to confirm that the mapping has been completed successfully. If displays the page below, you are good to go. How To Host WordPress on DigitalOcean – Easy & Free WordPress Hosting

4- Configure Your WordPress Website In DigitalOcean’s Console.

In this part, we will set up some basic information on the WordPress Droplet in order to get the website up and running.

  1. From your Droplet, click on Console.
  2. Inside the console, type ‘root’ as your Username.
  3. Enter the password you set for the Server.
  4. Now, provide your Domain Name as in
  5. Enter your preferred email address for your WordPress account.
  6. Provide your admin username.
  7. Enter a strong password for your website.
  8. Choose a Blog Title for your website.
  9. Review your information and press ‘y’ if everything is correct.
  10. Continue by pressing ‘y’ again to use LetsEncrypt to configure SSL for your website.
  11. Enter your email address again.
  12. Select ‘A’ to agree to Terms Of Service.
  13. Choose Yes ‘Y’ or No ‘N’ for promotional emails consent.
  14. Select 1  to activate SSL for your domain format (
  15. Now, choose 2 to redirect all traffic to secured HTTPS access.
  16. Finally, all the setup is completed and you may confirm from the message displayed in your console.

Access Your New Website

First search for on your web browser to preview your newly published site. In order to access your admin dashboard and customize your website to your liking, open a new tab and type in ‘’. 

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With the Username and Password you selected during the setup, login to your admin dashboard and start customizing themes and other settings to your preference.

Remember: There are many free themes available on wordpress ( go to Appearance >> Themes >> Add New ), however if you need a professionally built theme for any purpose including Blogging, Ecommerce, Forum, Academy and several more, just visit Envato Elements for affordable themes that builds trust with visitors.

Make Money From DigitalOcean’s Affiliate Program

Did you know that there is a 90% possibility that you may never pay for Web Hosting if your site is hosted on DigitalOcean? A Free WordPress Hosting in this case. Just as you shall be given a $100 free account balance when you sign up through my link. You can also do the same and whenever a person you refer to DigitalOcean signs up and spends $25, you will be paid $25 by DigitalOcean for that user. 

How To WordPress on DigitalOcean – Easy & Free WordPress Hosting

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