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How To Generate Free Traffic To Any Blog/Website.

Do you own a blog , website or embark on online marketing ?. Are you making enough money from your contents ?

If your answer is Yes and No respectively , this article will be worth your time.

Importance Of Traffic To Any Website.

The very moment people seek information for whatever they are interested in, the obvious step forward is for them to search on Google or any other search engine. This is the most reason why you must have a dedicated website or blog to ensure that some of these people are directed to you. I recommend you create a website especially if you want to promote web service ( you can create a free blog with Blogger if you have a low budget).

After getting your website ready, Traffic is the only measure that can keep you up and running. What do I mean?. Sincerely not much people will visit your website upfront because it is new .For this reason , generating traffic to your site will be the only option to enhance your web presence.

Methods Of Generating Traffic To Your Website.

There are basically so many  ways to generate Traffic for your website. These methods are generally classified into the Organic and Inorganic Traffic ,simply put, Free and Paid traffic sources. Paid Traffic sources are literally a fast way of driving visitors to your site but it costs money to begin with as the name obviously suggests. Anyway, in this article we will focus on hacking organic (Free) traffic to our blogs and/or websites. This method is used by top brands and is known as Content Syndication.

This is a very powerful strategy. And also it requires a little time and dedication so you must surely apply this if you wish to grow online.

The idea here is for you to duplicate your contents on multiple sites which are already getting millions of visitors daily. According to SimilarWeb, You can see that YouTube gets 33.70 Billion visitors each month and Ranks #2 worldwide. This means you can be getting unbelievable traffic if you utilize your presence on YouTube .

You only Copy and Paste your original contents as articles or stories on these top performing websites and link back to your website. There are many websites for this but the best to start with are listed and discussed below.

  1. YouTube
  2. Quora
  3. Linkedin
  4. Medium
  5. Pinterest
  6. Mix
  7. Slideshare

Why And How To Use These Platforms


Well, as we already saw from SimilarWeb the massive traffic on YouTube, it is also the second largest search engine recently so your growth can be guaranteed on this platform. 

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First things first, do you own a YouTube channel yet?. You must create one if you haven’t already, after that you can grow your channel  through these free methods and/or try YouTube growth tools like vidIQ and Tubebuddy for a faster channel promotion.

Now, the main issue. You can get Traffic from YouTube by recording videos about the valuable information that you have to offer ( Case Studies , Tutorials , Honest Reviews and Information About Your Services ).

The key point of all is to try as much as possible to give real value in your presentations and then you can recommend links to your product and services. You must surely win the trust of your visitors through your contents and they will be happy to follow your leads and make you some Sales.


According to SimilarWeb , Quora also gets about 580 Million visitors per month and over thousands daily. If you’ve guessed already, this means that your contents stand a higher chance of getting multiple views and engagement by the day for absolutely free.

One big problem here is that Quora frowns at affiliate links and indiscriminate self-promotion. Anyway, you can still get a lot of traffic from Quora if you stick to the methods I am going to show you now.

One way to generate traffic from Quora is obviously through answering questions and linking back to your own resources.

But, you must make sure you are giving relevant answers to any question . You should not insect links frequently in your answers because this will identify you as spam to Quora moderators.

Rather, you can search for topics related to your services , try and answer questions with real value and then you can mention your link at the end of your answer. Try your best to only insert a link once in every four answers on Quora.

The second method is to create a Space on Quora. Similar to facebook groups, Quora allows you to create your own Space where you can publish your articles and engage with people who share the same interest. This is a very powerful strategy but I must say this, it demands a little bit of time and dedication too.


Apparently,  Linkedin has over 680 million users and gets over Billions of visitors every month. Linkedin is a professional platform with the key objective of enhancing recruitment and employment opportunities for users . You must create a Linkedin account if you haven’t already as it is very essential for professional growth.

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Simply, on Linkedin, you can create a healthy connection with people who are related to your niche and share the same interest as you. This is important because most of these people will freely visit your website when they want to find out more about your services.

Also, you have an option to Publish Articles on Linkedin. NOTE: Links are not to be shared in the feeds so you strictly have to Copy and Paste your blog posts as Articles on Linkedin.


Although having your own website/blog is essential, In case you do not have one yet, you still can use Medium as your very own site and publish your contents. Medium is one of largest growing platforms and gets over 234 million visitors every month.

Medium doesn’t separate between long time set up individuals and novices. That implies that Medium’s calculation will recommend your content to individuals who might not have known about you. Fundamentally, making it simpler to develop your crowd without any preparation. 

In the wake of making your profile, you can begin looking for content that is identified with yours. Like different stages, you can follow individuals who compose on subjects that may intrigue you.

Prior to beginning to get supporters yourself, you need to make yourself obvious. To do as such, I suggest you follow individuals, set aside the effort to get to know their work and connect with them by remarking routinely. 

In the wake of getting comfortable with the stage and getting motivation from others’ content, you can compose stories. Stories are essentially articles; you can compose another article without any preparation or glue one you’ve effectively composed on your blog.


Pinterest is a visual revelation engine for discovering thoughts like plans, home and style motivation, and then some. With billions of Pins on Pinterest, you’ll generally discover thoughts to start motivation. At the point when you find Pins you love, save them to boards to keep your thoughts coordinated and simple to discover.

You have the opportunity to create a PIN on your Pinterest account. This is simply done by selecting to create a pin , entering the Title and a brief Description about your article, uploading a featured image which can be customized with Canva and finally providing the Link to your actual content on your blog/website. Pinterest is one of the greatest platforms for lead generation in general because traffic is automatically directed to your website.


Mix is another great content repository site and provides a higher recommendation around the globe.As always Mix is verified by SimilarWeb to be getting more than 1 Million Engagers per month. You stand a higher chance of disposing your content to multiple people around the globe whom you usually couldn’t reach if you publish consistently on Mix.

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On your Mix account , close to your profile, you will find a Plus(+) icon which enables you to Paste the Link to your actual article for publication. Mix will automatically generate your content together with your featured image and title, ready for you to publish. Working with Mix is super easy and effective too.


Last on our list, Slideshare is a professional content management service where presentations,documents, infographics, and videos can be posted. Well , you can only publish your contents in PDF format on Slideshare. Meaning , you basically need to put in a little more effort on Slideshare to get growing.

Creating an account on Slideshare is simple and free , you can do so with either your Google or Linkedin account. Remember: You must provide a simplified form of your actual content in PDF format in order to be able to publish on Slideshare. 


Actually , there are so many ways to generate free Traffic for your website and the most effective among them are clarified above. BUT, the key factor to getting traffic is the proper utilization of SEO in your content ( Titles, Supporting Keywords , Body , etc.) . For this reason , you must use search marketing  tools for both Web Analysis and Keyword Researching.

Well, Semrush and SimilarWeb are the best tools for this operation and the interesting part is that they both offer a completely Free Version plus Free Trial for Pro Version. This is why I recommend them to you , you can start with them even if you have a low budget .


  • Create an account on these leading platforms (YouTube, Quora, Linkedin, Medium, Pinterest, Mix, Slideshare). 
  • Copy and Paste your original articles on all of these platforms. Reason: All of these sites are already getting massive traffic so you therefore increase your chance of appearing in search results.
  • Keep interactive with your account and pay close attention to feedback.

Thanks a lot for reading till this far. Please take action and you will surely see results in less than two weeks . I shall be following the comment section so please let me know if you have a question or anything else. You can find more valuable contents on this blog so please feel free to check them out anytime.

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