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Did you know that the only way your site can get Rank Higher On Google Search is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Backlinks. SEO simply is the method applied to help your web pages Rank Higher on search engines like Google and Bing. 

Ranking higher on Google could be the best thing to happen to any website because it ensures free traffic to your contents on the long haul. For this reason, any website/blog owner must build Backlinks and utilize On-page and/or Off-page SEO. To be honest, working on SEO could be very tedious and requires a lot of your time. 

This is where SEOeSTORE comes into play. SEOeSTORE is an online service which is developed to take the work out of your site’s SEO. With the help of SEO experts, you can just place a cheap 5$ order for a Full SEO Campaign for your site and your request will be completed in a very convenient manner.

How To Get Started With SEOeSTORE & Rank Higher on Google Search.

1- Register for an SEOeSTORE account.

  • Simply visit SEOeSTORE’s website.
  • Click on the Register button. 
  • Fill in your required information and proceed to your dashboard.
Rank Higher On Google Search

*Remember to check the verification email sent into your inbox in order to complete the registration.

2- Add Funds To Start Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign.

From your dashboard, you will see the Add Funds option on the top-left of the header section. You just need to click on it and you shall be provided with tons of payment methods with which you can choose from to add funds.

Some of the available payment methods on SEOeSTORE are; Payoneer, Cards (Visa, Master, … via PayPro Global), Cards (visa, master via TAP), PayPal, Bitcoin, Neteller and Skrill.

3- Submit A Search Engine Optimization Campaign.

Once you have added at least 5$ into your account balance, you can follow these easy steps to submit an SEO order.

  1. Select your campaign Budget on the price slider. 

Every price you choose on the slider automatically updates the campaign goals to fit your budget.

  1. Fill in your order details.
  • Submit the links for your site or landing page. 1 per line.
  • Provide the keywords that you want to target. 1 per line.
  • Choose your precise article category for your campaign. If omitted, it will be defined automatically.
  • Click Submit Campaign to finally place your order.

Order Single Backlinks.

There is also an option to order Backlinks alone for your website, this can be very cheap because you may even get 1000 Backlinks for as low as 1$. You can simply do that by also following these steps.

  1. Select Backlinks from the New Order dropdown menu. 
  1. Choose your preferred Backlink type depending on PR , DA or Web 2.0 blogs with quality indexing rates.
  1. Click Make Order to visit the order page and fill in your campaign details as we did earlier.
  1. Finally, submit your Backlink order by clicking Make Order.

How To Test Your Orders (Backlinks).

First of all, you will be provided with the status of all your orders on the Reports page in your SEOeSTORE account. 

Immediately after your campaign is submitted, you see that it’s status is on Pending. The order will start processing a few minutes afterwards and you can confirm that when the status moves from pending to Processing.

Finally, delivery time may vary per the requirement in your campaign but once your order is complete, you will see it under Complete status. Additionally, you will be provided with a report (Zip File). This file can be used to check and confirm that your campaign was really successful and Backlinks are functional. 

The best tool that can help you with this is SEMRUSH and I shall demonstrate how you can go about this.

How To Run A Backlink Audit In Semrush To Confirm Your Order.


Download your Report file, unzip the folder and locate the CSV file.


In your Semrush account , start a Backlink audit for your website. You can sign up for free now if you don’t have an account already. You can learn more about Semrush here.

search engine optimization

Once you have signed up and created a Backlink Audit, you can then select the option to Import Backlinks.

search engine optimization


Simply drag and drop the report (CSV) into the popup menu on your Semrush dashboard and click on Start Audit.

search engine optimization


There is actually no step 4. All you need to do is to wait for Semrush to discover all your Backlinks then you can analyze your campaign results.

I shall be updating this article regularly so please comment below if you have any difficulties and I will be more than happy to assist you. I hope you enjoyed this information, see you around.

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