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The Ultimate Tutorial To Start Email Marketing for Beginners.

Hello there👋, It’s Bright here and I am super excited for todays special case study on How To Start Email Marketing as a complete beginner. I believe this information will be enough for anyone to start and succeed in Email Marketing but it is also very advisable for you to spin things around in order to identify what works best for you.

Briefly, What Is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of marketing where commercial emails are sent to current or potential customers. There are unlimited objectives for Email Marketing and advertising is a key factor. Meanwhile, several websites normally use Email Marketing to engage their customers , build loyalty and trust. 

This method of marketing is very essential in any niche or online organization basically because it fosters brand awareness. For any website like LEGITWINNERS that could use some more Sales , Leads/Conversion and Free Website Traffic, Email Marketing is certainly a must for your business.

Why Is Email Marketing A Must?

There are numerous reasons why companies go for Email Marketing as a marketing strategy. Practically, it is very convenient and effective for any marketing objective especially when an Autoresponder is utilized. 

Here are some advantages of Email Marketing;

  • Email Marketing has the best conversion rate. With about 4500% ROI, Email Marketing tends to be very profitable as a marketing technique.
  • Email Marketing has a high Sales conversion rate. Since customers know or have a connection with you, they can trust your recommendation order more than a random advertiser on the internet. This creates a serene environment for both you and your current or potential customers.
  • Easily Manageable: With several available email marketing services like Constant Contact, Sendinblue and Getresponse, you are able to manage your email marketing campaign, email lists and an awesome autoresponder feature that lessens your hard work.
  • Very Cost Efficient: Email Marketing is very cheap and super reliable as compared to most promotional methods. It is definitely cheaper when you have your own email marketing system, but for a faster and fully automated reach, you must spend as little as $15 on an Autoresponder to get your dream leads and sales.

Types Of Email Marketing

There is mainly three types of Email Marketing and these types depend on the marketers means of operation. This is also determined by the permission status between the marketer and the intended customer/customers. 

Below is the types of Email Marketing illutrated;

1- Opt-in Email Marketing.
2- Cold Email Marketing.
3- Bulk Email Marketing.
Opt-in Email Marketing. Also refered to as permission marketing, this is the traditional form of email marketing. Here, marketers seek the permission of their followers and potential customers in order to be able to send them direct email messages. The messages sent to subscribers may be in the form of Newsletters, Promotions, Post Notification and anything deemed appropriate in marketing sense.
Cold Email Marketing. This is a semi-legal type of Email Marketing. In this method, a marketer may search for potential customers on the web and reach out to them via emails. Marketers usually target business owners (eg. CEOs) who are likely to convert in sales. The marketer sends a promotional emails to mainly convert the target prospect into a long-term customers.
Rampant use of this strategy may be considered as Spam.
Bulk Email Marketing. This is simply considered as SPAMMIND. Marketers search and scrape multiple email addresses and send out promotional messages that are mostly filled with affiliate links. This is a poor marketing strategy greedy way for advertisers to seek for more sales or commissions.


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If you wish to build a trusted business that will make you money on a long-term, you definitely should stick with Type 1 and a little of Type 2. Please try to refrain from Type 3 as it may do your business more harm than good.

Requirements To Sart Email Marketing Today.

There are other complex aspects of Email Marketing which include setting up an SMTP and configuring it with an Email Marketing Application. I will not get into that now because I want this article to be simple enough on complete beginners. Anyway , I shall prepare a post on that specially so be sure to check back later on this blog.

For a quit start, you shall need the below tools and services to get you up and running.

  • Email Service Provider ( Email Address ).

First of all, you must obviously have an email address in order to send an email message. This is mostly mostly done with public providers like Gmail , Yahoo , Hotmail etc. However, these providers have daily sending limits which is not suitable for any marketer (eg. Gmail has a 300 daily sending limit).

As a solution, you may consider setting up your own Email System (SMTP) which I shall discuss in another article. For now, you can create your custom email address as in , this is commonly provided by domain registerers like Namecheap , Godaddy , BlueHost , and many more. Having your own Email System can enable you to send unlimited emails anyday and anytime.

  • Email Marketing Service.

There are several Email Marketing Services including Constant Contact, Aweber, and GetResponse. These services work like Gmail and Yahoo mail to help you send and recieve emails. However, with Email Marketing Services, you can do more than just sending emails, a number of efficient features are laid down for you to easily manage your marketing tasks.

Below are some functions and additional features provided by an Email Marketing Service;

  • Building and Managing your Email List.
  • Creating Opt-in forms and Landing Pages.
  • Setting up Email Campaigns and Newsletters.
  • Analysing your Campaigns to see performance metrics eg. Opens, Clicks , Bounces etc.
  • Email Marketing Automation (Autoresponders).
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After you are set with your Email Service and an Email Marketing Service, it’s now time to build your email list and automate some messages or Newsletters. 

I will show you how to do this right from the beginning with the help of Getresponse. Note: You can also accomplish this with any other service (eg. Constant Contact , Aweber and many more), but I personally choose to go with Getresponse in this case study , because it is easy to start with and has a 30 days  free trial. How To Start Email Marketing for Beginners

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How To Automate Your Email Marketing With GetResponse.


This part is pretty simple as it requires an easy signup to GetResponse. You just fill in your name and email with password but here is the kicker though, for GetResponse or any other Email Marketing Service you might be going with, you should signup with your preferred sending email.

Email Marketing With GetResponse

This means that if you are using a custom/business email address (eg. name/, you must be sure to signup with that to avoid any further difficulties.


After confirming your email address and signing into your account, it is now time upload your email list, thus, if you have subscriber list already. You can import your email list into Getresponse by simply clicking on “Lists” from the top menu , you can then choose to add new lists .

If you do not have a subscriber list already, it’s perfectly fine. We will talk about how to build your email list.


Well, in this step, you are will have to focus on preparing quality Lead Magnet (Newsletters, Landing Pages, Opt-in Forms). All these creatives are basically essential for list building so you must try your best to utilize them right off the bat.

And yes!, you are provided with tons of premade Landing Pages and forms by GetResponse , you just need to tweak things around to fit your marketing needs and you will be ready to build an Email List or send out Email Marketing Campaigns.


Now , the best part of all “Email Automation”. In GetReponse, you can setup some Autoresponders ( automated email messages that are sent on an action trigger such as signups, link clicks, etc. ). Autoresponders are mostly used to automated a Welcome Message for new list subscribers, other useful informations can be scheduled for customers (Drip-Emails) to lessen manual outputs. 

Simple steps to setup an Autoresponder.

On your Gestresponse dashboard;

  • Navigate to the Autoresponders page. 
  • Create an email message or Newsletter (You can use some of the free templates).
  • Select the actual time to send the Email after a current signup.
  • Choose a list to be used in the Campaign and publish your Autoresponder.

How To Build An Email List.

As said earlier, there are three types of Email Marketing. Each type has their own distinct mode of collecting email addresses for marketing campaigns. There is a whole lot to be covered about the strategies and limitations on all these methods, but , all of those can’t be squashed into this case study. I shall prepare another case study on “How To Build Your Own Email List” so be sure to check it out later on this blog.

However, below are some simple methods to start building your Email List. 

  • Implement an Opt-in Form on your Blog/Website.
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So you have a website or blog with lots of visitors coming through daily. This may be the best time to integrate  Signup widgets and pop-ups into your website. This can be done with a plugin if you are using WordPress, if not, you can build a free one with GetResponse, Aweber or Constant Contact and embed it into your website. 

Not only can you market to your subscribers through this method but rather, you can ensure that most of your site visitors return to your contents by providing them with post updates.

  • Create a Lead Magnet (Landing Page with a Newsletter subscription form).

Alright, it is cool if you do not own a Blog/Website yet since this method can be implemented either way. Email Marketing Services usually come in with several Landing Page presets which can be customized for your business. These pages are commonly known as Lead Magnets.

All you need to do is to create and publish your Landing Page with a subscription form implemented on it. This Landing Page must contain information about your business or you may choose to offer freebies that are only accessible via email. 

After that is done , your next step is to drive traffic to your landing page. You can use paid ads  services (Google Adwords, Adshop, Facebook Ads, Quora Ads, PropellerAds etc.) or you can start with free traffic sources if you have a low budget. Learn How To Generate Free Traffic To Any Blog/Website on this blog to get you started.

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