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Patriot Payroll Review – Best Payroll and Accounting Software

For over 30 years Patriot Payroll has provided payroll and accounting solutions to multiple small and large scale businesses. Mainly operating in the United States of America, Patriot Payroll provides a powerful accounting and payroll software which is fast, simple, and affordable, to help you to keep your most scarce resources: time and money. 

Feeling sceptical ? hold on tight and read through this Honest Review on Patriot Payroll ( Payroll and Accounting Software ).

What is Patriot Payroll?

Patriot Payroll is a full-administration accounting and payroll program that offers an assortment of integrative additional items to clients. The framework’s core capacities help with core payroll errands, while the extra provisions empower the framework to work as a full HR suite. 

This electronic payroll arrangement measures the installment, computes taxes, makes reports, runs time and participation and oversees solicitations. Patriot Payroll is a generally reasonable payroll software for independent ventures, with a simple arrangement measure and straightforward estimating. 

This Ohio-based company prides itself with respect to usability: The normal independent venture client can run payroll in less than three minutes, the company says. Its full-administration plan — the more costly of the two plans it offers — incorporates tax filings and stores, settling on it a strong decision for independent ventures that handle payroll for up to 100 employees. In any case, in contrast to certain contenders, it charges extra expenses for specific administrations and doesn’t offer advantages organization or adaptable reports.

Why Is Patriot Payroll Important For Your Business?

 Below is some of the essential reason why you should opt for Patriot Payroll;

  • Easy to understand: Guide clients through the payroll interaction, making it simple to utilize. Exploit the free preliminary to check whether it’s a solid match. Take on it rapidly to eliminate lost income because of preparing. 
  • Simple to-Customize: Customize payroll settings and browse an assortment of installment techniques. Obligate many kinds of business and explicit installment structures. 
  • Exactness: Define charge settings during the arrangement interaction. Certain burdens consequently alongside standard payroll handling, taking out the shot at human mistake. Get the framework tried and evaluated routinely. 
  • Versatility: Adjust evaluating and different abilities to address the issues of organizations of any size. Clients can likewise drop any month with a punishment. Permit an organization space for development while guaranteeing it’s not very costly. 
  • Better Security: Use encryption and frameworks that are reinforced and reviewed to guard information. Guarantee information uprightness.

Key Features  Patriot Payroll

  • Payroll Processing: Use payroll with three steps and local, state and federal taxes. Create invoices, see the payment history, pay bills, print records and add employees. 
  • Time-Off Tracking: Track time-off balances and activity through the employee portal.
  • Year-End Reports: Generate printable W-2, 940 and 941 documents. File W-2’s and W-3’s electronic.
  • Time and Attendance: Add-on time and attendance services for an additional fee that will enable the system to assist with clock-in and clock-out functionality and allow users to access time cards electronically.
  • Core HR: Add core HR functions to the payroll solution for an additional fee. This add-on allows users to track employment history, census data and share documents with employees.
  • Accounting: Operates cash-based and or accrual accounting. Help accountants with their tasks.
  • Reporting: Download reports in PDF or CSV format in a year-to-date format. Filter by checks, employee, location or totals. See contributions, deductions, earnings, employer payments, hours and withheld taxes. Understand potential issues with a tax liability report.
  • Multiple Devices: Use the program on a variety of devices, including mobile and tablets.
  • Accept payments from credit cards, make and send out estimates, import bank interactions, reconcile accounts and manage documents and receipts. Manage garnishments, PTO and print W-2s.
  • Invoice Management: Create and store invoices as well as setting up recurring invoices, reminders and more.
  • Tax Calculation: Calculate, file and pay taxes. Use the basic subscription package to assist with tax calculations; however, it can’t help filing or paying taxes.

Some Downsides To Patriot Payroll.

  • No benefits administration/management capability
  • No recruitment and employee lifecycle management functionality
  • Can’t schedule and manage employee shifts
  • No budgeting and forecasting tool

Patriot Payroll – Pros & Cons.


  • Excellent Customer Service: Over 90% of users that discussed the support loved the customer service.
  • Useful Features: Users said the system had good functionality in over 90% of comments that discussed it.
  • Simple UI: More than 80% of reviewers who talked about the navigation said the solution was easy to use.
  • Affordable: Commenters felt the price was appropriate in over 80% of the comments that mentioned it.
  • Fluid Implementation: Over 80% of reviewers that discussed setup felt the implementation process was smooth.
  • Tax Forms: Users found the tax forms easy to find and fill out in more than 80% of comments that discussed it.
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  • Long Lead Time Direct Deposit Issues: Over 70% of users who talked about direct deposit complained about the long lead time.


Patriot Payroll is a clear payroll application with some HR center usefulness blended in. Most of Patriot Payroll’s clients liked its usability and felt the help was responsive, perceived the issue well and gave them enough assets. The components are very much evaluated, particularly the protection structures and expense recording capacities, making it authoritatively profitable. I personally adore the execution cycle, which  goes without a hitch, directed by the learned help group. Generally speaking, it was inside a suitable value range for its usefulness. On the drawback, many clients didn’t care that the immediate store required four days of lead time for customary ACH financing. This product should be a decent choice for independent companies hoping to bring their payroll on the web.

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